Friday, January 1, 2010

Audax Italia Launches Redesigned Website

The place to learn of randonneuring events and brevets in Italy is which is the website of Audax Italia. A completely redesigned website was launched today.

The home page now features a search function that allows you to search for events based upon different criteria: distance, meters of climbing, location by province, by month, and whether the event is ACP (Audax Parisien Club)is sanctioned. Online subscriptions to events is now also possible.

The new site is still in Italian but the site's owner, Tony Lonero, is bilingual so you can contact him in English via the web form under CONTATTA and entering on the form your name (nome), email address, and your message (messaggio).

Stories for the Italian Cycling Journal welcome; contact me at There are more than 1,100 stories in this blog; the search feature to the right works best for finding subjects in the blog.

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