Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Bike in Venice

How to bike in Venice: begin by ordering a "Shuttle Bike Kit" from SBK ENGINEERING S.r.l. in Vigevano (PV). I'd show photos of the kit but the Company has this very serious legal notice: "LEGAL NOTICE: This website and the pictures, designs and models embodied within are protected by Copyright law international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction of the website or any portion of it or reproduction of any of the pictures, designs or models embodied".

Once the kit is mounted, which takes 10 minutes according to the manufacturer, you are ready for cruising the Venetian canals at 3.5 knots (maximum speed is 5.5 knots).
I suspect you might have a problem with the Polizia but it does look like fun!

This is not an endorsement of this product or its use.

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  1. There is another way to bike in Venice. You can have a purpose-built bridge of boats like they did in 1978 for a Giro D'Italia time trial. A picture of Saronni in action is at this link. Look at the bottom center photo:

  2. Michael: thanks for link to the photograph!