Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Leader's Jersey for Vuelta a España

A new leader's jersey, now red, for the the Vuelta a España has been designed by Spanish fashion designer Custo Dalmau. The Vuelta a España will be celebrating its 75h Anniversary this year.

The metaphor between the cheetah, the fastest animal in the world, and the cyclist has been the inspiration for Dalmau. Meanwhile, Javier Guillen, director of the Vuelta said, "It's a different leader's jersey of that of the Giro pink and yellow of the Tour, and to the fans that identifies the international success of Spanish sport, whether soccer, basketball, tennis or any other sport. The seventy-fifth anniversary of the Vuelta is a special commemoration and this is a special garment from a designer at the international level."

Spanish fan reaction has been, let's say, less than enthusiastic.

Over these past 75 years, the world and cycling have changed a great deal. That first edition held 75 years ago had 14 stages, almost all of which were over 250 kms long. The 75th “Platinum” edition will have 21 stages averaging 170 kms. A considerable difference aimed at being a spectacular event with shorter stages and fast-paced sprints to the finish line.

I was surprised how few Italians have won the Vuelta since it began in 1935, only four riders:
1956 Angelo Conterno, Bianchi-Pirelli
1968 Felice Gimondi, Salvarani
1981 Giovanni Battaglin, Inoxpran
1990 Marco Giovannetti, Seur

The Vuelta a España 2010 will begin in Sevilla August 28th with an evening time trial which will premiere the new leader's jersey.

Photo: Custo Dalmau/Barcelona unveiling the new red leader's jersey

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  1. That is absolutely horrible. The Vuelta with something that is not amarillo? Meh....

  2. Before I read the text, I thought those were treadmarks across the jersey. Looks like the leader's been run over by a couple of neutral support cars.