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The "Bike Guide"

A friend of mine has been collecting data on bike brands, with a focus on the vintage, for quite some time now. To give you an idea of the extent of the data and how it is organized, below is just part of what is under "C". He hasn't made a final decision on how to market the Bike Guide but if you are interested contact him here. I suspect it will be fairly inexpensive. The Bike Guide is a great resource, particularly helpful in identifying lesser known brands and some models within brands.

CACEG: Cadres, ACcessoires En Gros. Montreuil, France.

CPR: Competition Performance Research, 3203 Fairacres Road, Huntsville AL 85805. 205-539-4801. Frames custom built by Marty Williams.

CADIOU: France

CALBORN Marcel: Celo Europa, 1143 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach CA 90266. 26538 Moulton Parkway, Unit A, Laguna Hills CA. 714-643-2801. Made by Colnago.


Aero Formula 1 84 Columbus Air

Super Light Formula 1 84 SL

Formula 1 Profil 86 SLX

Columbus Profil 93-95 Profil

Titanium 93-95 Titanium

CALFEE Design: 800-965-2171.

CALHOUN Cycle: Minneapolis, MN. 612-827-8000.

CALOI: Sao Paulo, Brazil. 703 E. Ashley Street, Jacksonville FL 32250. 904-355-5547. Since 1898. A subcontractor to Eddie Merckx. Ridden by Lotto team in 94. Ridden by Motorola Team 95 to 97.

CALZONE: Italy. Domenico Calzone. Trained by Giuseppe Pela and Armando Zago. Via Villa Giusti 6, Torino Italy. Imported by Frank Israils, Ft Lauderdale FL. Information, Dade Cycles, 305-444-5997. Most were green with yellow & gold.

CAMBORGHINI: 201-845-3200/1250. All titanium.

CAMERA: Italy. Marked A. Camera. Sold by Blue Wheel, Charlottesville VA.

CAMINADE, Pierre: 1910, Paris, France. Best known model was the Caminargent, introduced in 1936 with Octagonal aluminum tubes.

CAMPANIA: Made by Fuji in Japan.

CANNONDALE: 9 Brookside Place, Georgetown CT 06829. 800-BIKE-USA. Started with bags and trailers in 1970. Producing bicycles since 1983. Distinctive for oversize welded aluminum. Early forks were Tange chromoly. Later forks were aluminum. Known for stiffness. Oval chain stays. Size is measured from center of bottom bracket to 1 inch below TOP of seat tube. Later models, the seat stays join the chain stays in front of the rear dropout and axle. Model number was associated with component package. Higher number had higher quality component package.



SR 300

SR 400

SR 500

SR 600

SR 700

SR 800

SR 900 84 (First year for racing frameset) Original w/ Campy

Silk Road 900 95-96 W/suspension

SR 1000

SR 2000

3.0 (Huge downtube)

2.8 (Tapered toptube)

CAAD3 97

Silk Road 500 97 W/suspension


CANOPUS: Colombia.

CAPE, Colin: Swinton, England


CAPRI: Italy

CARABELLA: Mexico. Owned by Windsor.

CARBINE: Sydney, Australia. 1895-1968.

CARBONFRAMES: 115 Post Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060. 408-459-6777. Carbon Fiber with titanium inserts and dropouts. Molded. Made Greg Lemond's 1992 carbon frames.


Tetra Custom 96 Carbon Fiber

Tetra Pro 96-97 Carbon Fiber

Tetra Tri 96 Carbon Fiber

CARDI, Ezio: Marconi, 60 in Bardolino, Italy. Built for himself from 1970-75, then for Bianchi.

CARLOS: Company from Belgium, but frames made in France. M.M. Remacle. Made by CACEG and others. 33, rue Centrale, Maurage, Belgium. Owned by Ets Harvent

CARLTON: Nottingham, England. Run by O’Donovan family until Raleigh bought them in 1960.


Carpella 59 531

Super Race 59 531

Catlina 1 59 531

CARNIELLI: Italy. See Bottechia. Now only making fitness equipment.

CARPENTER, F.H.: England. Surrey England. Began around 1920 by F.H. Carpenter. Following WWII it was handed on to his son, Frank, and continued in operation until the

Early 1960s. The first shop was located at 43 Penton Street, London N1. In 1942, that address was bombed out and the business relocated to 52 Surbiton Road, Kingston. Few, if any, frames seemed to have been built during the war years as attention was turned to making munitions. Carpenters were considered to be high quality lightweight machines comparable with Ephgrave and Hetchins. Roughly 100 frames a year were built in the pre- and post-War years.

CARRARO: Via A. De Gasperi, 15-35030 Saccologno, Padova, Italy. 011-39-49-801-5299. Founded in 1920 by Giovanni Carraro.

CARRE Bernard: Montreuil, France. Built frames for Jacques Anquetil and other racers.

CARRERA: Italy. Via Statale 52 – 25011 Calcinato (BS) Italy. Tel: 011-39-030-9964322 Manufacturing top-range bikes in the Carrera name since 1989. Carrera is the name of a major clothing brand that actively sponsored cycling for many years. Vagabond is connected to Carrera.


Pegasus 96

Drago 96

Zeus 96

Andromeda 96

Cassiopea 96

Delphino 96

CARTER, E.H.: England. Purchased Selbach.


CASATI: Via Lecco 20, 20052 Monza (MI), Italy. 011-39-39-36-00-06. R&A Cycles, 105 5th Avenue, Suite B, Brooklyn NY 11217. 718-636-5242. Founded by Pietro Casati in 1920. Pietro's son, Gianni and grandsons, Massimo and Luca, continue to manage the company in Italy. Lugged steel. Superb alignment. Some have a distinctive tuning fork seatstay cap. Columbus tubing. Sloping fork crown.


Triathlon Victory 87 Aelle

Eco Road Aelle

Special SL 89-91 SL

Gold Line SLX 89-94 SLX

Cromor 90 Cromor

SL 90 SL


Gold Line TSX 90-94 TSX

Record SL 92-94 SL

Super SL 92 SL

Elisse Max 92-96 Max

Elisse EL 92-96 EL

Genius 93-96 Genius EL

Titanium 93-94 Columbus Titanium

MS 93 MS

Laser 97 Genius

Elisse 97 Genius



CASMANO: 4403 S.E. 52nd Avenue, Portland OR 97206. 503-774-3487. Custom.

CASTELLON, Leo: 1320 Grand Avenue, Suite 12A, San Marcos CA 92069. 619-591-3830. Since late 1970s. Aluminum, Chromoly, and Titanium custom. Makes Quattro Assi aluminum.

CAVALIERI: Verona, Italy. Taught many framebuilders including Gino Milani, Mario Confente, and Victorio Malagnini.

CAVALINI: Milani, Italy.

CAVE L: Mid-tier constructeur, France, around 1950.


CAYGILL, Arthur: England. Borough Road, Gallowfields Trading Estate, Richmond, North Yorkshire, England. Richard Kent was also a builder.


531 94 531

653 94 653

708 94 708

753 94 753

SL 94 SL



CAYLOR, Gunnar: 519 Kansas Avenue, Modesto CA 95350. Began building in 1969.

CAZENAVE: France. 1940s Constructeur. "Sam", Italy.

CBT ITALIA: CBT International, Via Genova 15, 12010 Cuneo, Italy. Sloping fork crown. Extended seat tube.


Amadeus 89 Oria

CCM: Toronto, Canada. Canadian Cycle and Motor Company. One model was the Redbird.

CDF: Cycles de France. Mid 1940s. (Previously RPF: Rivollet Pere et fils)

CELMINS, Mike: Santa Barbara, CA.

CELO: CELO Europa, 1143 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan CA 90266. 714-643-2801. 213-545-8843/4133. Built by Colnago, imported by Marcel Calborn.


82 82-83 Aelle

82 Super 82 Aelle

Super International 82 SL

Super Criterium 82-84 SL

Super 85-93 SL

Europa International 86 SL

Victory 86 SL

SLX 93-94 SLX

CENCI: Switzerland

CENTERPORT CYCLES: Northport, NY 631-262-0909 Frames: Road, Track, Touring Materials: Steel

CENTURION: Western States Imports, 4030 Via Pescador, Camarillo CA 93010-9864. 805-388-5890. 1837 Dehavilland Drive, Newbury Park CA 94301. 805-449-0421. Japan/Taiwan/Italy. Flat sided seat stay cap. Unicrown fork.


'by Cinelli' mid-80s Columbus

Elite 83 Tange #2

Turbo 83-84 Tange #1

LeMans 83-88 Tange #2

Elite GT 84 Tange #4

Comp TA 84 Tange #2

Accordo 85 Tange Infinity

Prestige 86 & 89 Tange Prestige

Facet 86 Aluminum

Ironman Dave Scott Tri 86 Tange #1

Ironman Master 88 Tange #1
Ironman Carbon 88 Carbon Fiber

CERA: Cees Raas, uncle of Jan Raas is builder. Goes, Heerenhoe, Zeeland, Netherlands.

CERRINA, L: Cannes, France

CESARE M: Italy. Once imported by Gus Betat, New Orleans.


Strada Tretubi SL 88-89 SL

Superbo SLX 88-89 SLX

MS 89 MS

CHANCE, Chris: See Fat City. Apprenticed at Witcomb USA.

CHAPELET: France. 1930s, 1940s. Tandem racer.


CHARREL: Lyon, France. Top-tier constructeur ca. 1945-1950s.


CHARON Cycles: 17 Prince of Wales Road, London, England.

N.W.5. 1950 top model Filligree.

CHARTER OAKS CYCLES: San Dimas, CA 909-238-7855 Frames: Road, Touring, Commuter, City Materials: Steel

CHEMINEAU: See Le Chemineau.

CHENOWITH, Martin: Colorado. Decal says Martin.

CHERRY, John: Project Bike Shop, 676 Main St, Lafayette IN 47901-1451. 317-423-4488. Known to have used Ritchey Logic tubing.


Cherry Classic 93-95 Chromoly

Cherry Bomb 93-95 Chromoly

Fat Boy 93

Cherry Titanium 93-95 Titanium


CHESINI: Founded 1925 by Gelmino Chesini. Via S. Paolo, 8/10, 37129 Verona IT 045/8006286.



Precision 83 SL/SP

Arena SL/SP

Olympiade Columbus ALR

Criterium Columbus Gara and Oria

Innovation 94 EL

K2 94 EL

Genius 94 Genius

SL 86-94 SL

Gara 94 Gara

Oria 94 Oria


CHICK, Barry: London, England.

CHIESA: Italy.

CHILLINGSWORTH, Rich: Tulsa, OK. Made a model called the Alpineer.

CHIORDA: 04010 Le Castella, Cisterna Di Latina, Italy. 011-06-9690001. Also produced Legnano. Some were produced in the Bianchi Reparto Corsa professional shop and other contract builders.


CHRISTIAN, Kevin: San Luis Obispo, CA.

CHRISTOFF, Jan: Australia

CHRONOMETRO: 257 Winnebago Street, Madison WI 53704. 608-251-5020.

CICCHETTI: Treglio, Italy

CICLI WELKER: Italy. See Garlatti.

C.I.D.: Housebrand of Georgetown Cyclesport in Washington DC in the 1970s. Were likely made in England by MKM.

CIGNAL: Low end of the Jamis line.


Ventura 94-95 Chromoly

CILO: Switzerland. Security Bicycles, 32 Intersection Street, Hempstead NY 11550. 516-485-6100. 800-645-2990.


141 EX 86 Aelle

142 EX 86 Aelle

144 NDA 86-88 Vitus 979 Aluminum

Sprint-X 531

Sport Tange #1

Pro Team 88 SLX

CIM: France. Cycles Imbert-Marcadier

CIMA GRAPPA: European Cycle Imports, 410-472-9478. Columbus, Reynolds & Dedacciai in 97.


CINELLI: Egidio Folli 95, 20134 Milan, Italy. 011-39-2-2641-1790. Corso Bicycle Distributor, 349 W. 14th St., New York NY 10014. 212-691-3770. Euro-Asia Imports, 3935 Foothill Blvd, Suite A, La Crescenta CA 91214. 818-248-1814. Founded by Cino and Giotto Cinelli in 1947, initially in Florence. Cino moved the company to Milan in late 1940s. Since 1978, owned by Columbo, makers of Columbus tubing. Also makes lugs, BB shells, handlebars, stems, and tape. Designed bicycle for Coppi, which became the forerunner of the Supercorsa. Master builder was Luigi Valsasina until just after Cinelli sold the company to Columbus. Early models had headbadge. Later models had chromed lugs for the Supercorsa, small C in lugs, Cinelli spelled out on bottom of bottom bracket shell. Seat lug had three small holes on top point, with one in back. Seat tube was 26.2 mm sleeved. Full sloping fork crown. Campy dropouts. Binder bolt through seat stays in a fastback design which is characteristic of the Supercorsa.


Giotto Cinelli Firenze 47
Model A 50s

Model B 50s

Supercorsa, Model C 50's-70's Columbus

Riviera (made by Garlatti) 60s Size 57 only

Supercorsa 82-84 SL

Laser 83 Aero tubes

Supercorsa 85-96 SLX

Equipe 85 SL

850 Super Record Pro 86 SLX

Cromor 89 Cromor

Sana In Corpore Sano 89 Cromor

Deux Ex Machina (TT) 89 Cromor

Advantage Pro 89-90 SLX

Alchemia 90 SLX

Laser America 90 SLX

Laser America 90 Max

Laser Crono Strada 90

Formula Cino 91 SL

Nemo 96 Columbus Nemo

Proxima 96 Thron

Genius 96-97 Genius

CINETICA: Italy. Founded by Andrea Cinelli. 011-39-2-26412555. Carbon fiber monocoque.

CINZIA: Bologna, Italy.

CIOCC: Italy. : Excel Sports, 3275 Prairie Avenue, Boulder CO, 80301. 303-444-6737. Veltec Boyer Sports, 1793 Catalina, Sand City-Monterey CA 93955. 408-394-7114. Zarr International, 84 Lenox Avenue, Stamford CT 06906. 203-348-9703. Founded by Giovanni Pellizoli. Lugged steel. Campy dropouts. Investment cast lugs. CIOCC engraved in BB shell. Italian threading. Columbus tubing. Built some of the Concorde frames.


World 77 81-82 SL

Air Profil 81 Columbus Air

Gran Sport 81 Aelle

Silver 81 SL

Sport AL 83-84 Aelle

Super Record 84 Columbus

Trisport 84 Columbus

Mockba 80 Special 83-84 SL


Triomphe 85 Columbus

SL Competition 85 SL

CLX 374 86 SLX

Astore SL 86-90 SL

Columbo 86-90 Falk Cromoly

Aquila 86-90 SLX

Chronometro 90

Cromor Future 91 Cromor

SL Racing Team 91-94 SL

SLX Biconico 91 SLX

TSX Professional 91 TSX

EL OS 94-96 EL OS

Modelo San Cristobal

Replica 95-96 Columbus

Nemo 96 Columbus Nemo

MiniMax 96 Columbus MiniMax, EL

Gara 96 Columbus Gara

Thron 96 Thron


CIRA, Kurt: with Alan Pearce. Rainbow Jersey, 2613 E. Hampshire, Milwaukee WI 53211.

CIRCLE A CYCLES: Providence, RI 401-831-5221 Frames: Road, Touring, Mtb, Cross, SS Materials: Steel



CLARK, Geoff: England. Decal says made in Bradford-Yorks. Reynolds tubing. Early 70s.

CLARK-KENT: 220 West Alemeda, No 19, Denver CO 80223. 303-935-8289. Closed 95.


AX-1 91 True Temper TC-2OS

Ti500sl 93-95 Titanium

Ti190 93-94 Titanium

653 93 Reynolds 653

753 93 Reynolds 753

MM-1 94 SXA-Aluminum/Mtl Matrix

Gan Double Suspension 94 Titanium

Excell OS 94-95 Excell OS


CLEMENTE CYCLES: Weston, FL 954-328-1301 Frames: Road, Mtb, Track, Cross Materials: Steel, Carbon

CLEMENTS, Ernie: Telford, Shropshire, England. Up until 50s. Racer and later manager of Falcon. Died in 2006. Additional information from Cycles Clements, New Street, Ledbury, Herefordshire, England. HR8 2RJ.

CLEVELAND: Canada. 1920s. Made by CCM.

CLOAREC, Raymond: France.

CMB: Bassano, Italy

CNC: Raymond Fletcher, Paris, France. Used by Soviet national team.

COCONINO: Flagstaff, AZ 928-774-7747 Frames: Mtb, SS, Cross, 29" Materials: Steel

COLEMAN: Chuck & Doug Coleman, Dayton, Ohio. Custom steel. 916-898-1427.

COLIAN: Tempe Bike Shop, Tempe AZ. Built by Colin and Ian Laing. Known to have used EL tubing.

COLIBRI: France, near Paris.

COLLIER, Jim: England. Built at Witcomb, Hobbs of Barbican and Gillott. Trained Ron Cooper and Richard Sachs.

COLNAGO: Via Cavour, 19-20040 Cambiago, Milano, Italy. 011-02-9506077. Founded by Ernesto Colnago in 1954, although he worked as an independent as early as 1952 . Began as a 12 year old apprentice in 1944. Worked for Gloria in 1945 and with Masi. Ridden to World Championships by Eddy Merckx, Giuseppe Saronni, and Joop Zoetemelk. Choice of many teams. Columbus tubing. Engraved seat stay caps. Sloping fork crown. Campy dropouts. Clover leaf cut-outs.


Super Marca dei Campioni 71 50 made

Mexico 82-83 SL

Fastour Touring frame

Super 82-85 SL

Super International 82 SL

Oval CX 83 Aero Tubes

Profil CX 83-85 SL w/ ribs.

Nuovo Mexico 85

New Master 85 Gilco

Arabesque 85 SL w/ ribs. Sculpted lugs.

International (US) 86 SL

International (Non-US) 86 Columbus GT


Regal 86 Columbus w/ribs, fancy lugs

EsaMexico 87 Columbus

Master Pro 87 Gilco

Master Piu (35th Anniv) 89 Gilco, issued with gold parts

Super Sprint International 90 SL

Masterpiu 90-94 Gilco

Carbitubo 92-94 Carbon Fiber-2 Downtubes

C35 Road 92 Molded Carbon Fiber

C93 93 SL/Cromor

Super Piu 93-94 SL

Conic 93-94 SLX

Master Olympic 93-97 Gilco

BiTitan 93-95 Titanium

C40 93-01 Carbon Fiber

Master Light 93-97 Columbus Gilco

Nivacrom EL Elegant 93-95 Genius

C94 93-94 SL, top & downtubes

Technos 95-96 Columbus Nivacrom

C95 95 Thron Super

Superissimo 95-96 Columbus Brain
MasterTi 96-97 Titanium

Elegant 95-96


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