Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lance Armstrong Surgery Results

Lance Armstrong's collarbone fracture was not as clean as first reported, and his three hour surgery required the use of a 5 inch stainless steel plate with 12 screws to repair the fracture.

"Normally we see 8-12 weeks for something like this to heal completely," Dr. Elenz said, stressing the word "completely." In terms of rehabilitation, the doctor wants Armstrong to take it easy for a week to let the wound heal, start back into aerobic training using a stationary bike so as not use his upper body, and then he would see about letting Armstrong out on the road. Doctors will monitor Armstrong's arm strength, range of motion in his shoulder, as well as his pain level in order to decide what kind of training he can do.

As I write this there are 43 days, 20 hours, and 19 minutes remaining to the Giro d'Italia start. Armstrong wrote at this moment, "Surgery/anesthesia/jetlag = hurtin' like hell."

Photo: collarbone photo from Team Astana

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