Sunday, March 15, 2009

Art Bikes, Colnago Futura and Colnago Stash

I chanced upon a photo of a very unique Colnago which led me down an investigative trail of how it came to be. Eventually, I learned that the bike I had chanced upon was a "Futura" and that two such art bikes (ed. note: art bike is my term for these) designs were created in 2008, the Colnago Futura and the Colnago Stash. My understanding is that 33 of each were to be produced.

These efforts reminded me of the BMW Art Cars. BMW cars became the canvases by Andy Wharhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Sella, Robert Rauchchenberg and 12 others artists (BMW has commissioned 16 art cars since 1975).

The bike designs were a collaborative effort between La Carrera, artists Futura and Stash, Colnago (supplying the Colnago Master pista frames) and United Front. Of Futura I learned, "Futura, an 80´s NYC bike messenger who opted to deliver packages through the streets of Manhattan on a fixed bike, was an obvious choice for the execution of this project. Having a strong cycling background, he brought a great deal of credibility to the project from a street culture as well as from a bike messenger perspective."

As you can see from the photographs accessories by both artist were created and were available in limited numbers.

Here is a video clip of the Colnago museum showing famous Colnago bikes and a Colnago Futura.

Photos: Colnago Futura (dots), Colnago Stash (arrows)

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  1. Beautiful bikes and very hard to find. I saw a Futura while visiting a shop in Berlin,

    I think they have a frame for sale?
    Beauiful, I looked at the dots, amazing, I love NYC graph and italian bikes!

  2. I have a futura in the front window of my shop in Toronto! Modrobes! Thanks for the info about the history!

  3. The Pros Closet has a couple of these

    We also have a front fork if you need one. It's Original and brand new.

  4. Bidding for that frame topped $12K. I like the frame too, but I'm beyond shocked at the price it reached.

  5. We wrote an article on this frame on our Blog that offer's up a little more info on the story of this frame.