Saturday, March 7, 2009

Montepaschi Strade Bianche, Eroica Toscana Results

Swedish rider Thomas Lövkvist of Colombia-Highroad won the 3rd edition of this 190km race on Saturday which has 57.2 km of "strade bianche" (white gravel roads) in Tuscany. Despite missing his line in a turn and going off course (see photo) Lövkvist still managed to arrive first in Piazza del Campo in Sienna. Arriving 2nd and 3rd were Fabian Wegmann and Martin Elmiger.

The strade bianche sections and lengths:
1: at km 35.0 for 13.5 km
2: at km 53.9 for 5.5km
3: at km 82.3 for 11.9km
4: at km 95.2 for 8.0km
5: at km 132.4 for 11.5km
6: at km 163.7 for 3.3km
7: at km 170.4 for 2.4km
8: at km 176.7 for 1.1km
Total length: 57.2km

Keep in mind that us mere mortals can also do this course as part of the next "L'Eroica", for amateur cyclists, on October 4, 2009. More details at the official website (also in English): My understanding is that the course is also now completely marked so it is possible to do this ride on your own during a visit to Tuscany.

Photos: race photos, by Bettini, from 7 March 2009

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