Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Most Beautiful Milan-Sanremo Victory

Italian cycling fans, 4,000+, have been voting at La Gazzetta dello Sport as to which has been the most beautiful victory at Milan-San Remo (the 100th anniversary of the race will be Saturday). The results thusfar:

2002: Cipollini, 29.6%
1984: Moser, 15.0%
1946: Coppi, 11.6%
1983: Saronni, 9.8%
1976: Merckx, 7.8%
1974: Gimondi, 5.6%
1970: Dancelli, 5.4%
1947: Bartali, 4.9%
2001: Zabel, 3.4%
1918: Girardengo, 2.2%
1909: Ganna, 2.2%
1910: Christophe, 1.6%
1929: Binda, 1.0%

After winning Milan-Sanremo Mario Cipollini was quoted as saying, " I want to dedicate this win to my father, who was with me when I saw my first Milano-Sanremo in 1982. He's not very well now, but I hope he will understand me when I tell him that I have fulfilled my promise I made to him that one day I would win Milano-Sanremo."

2002 Milan-Sanremo finish (in Italian):

Photo: Cipollini wins 2002 Milan-Sanremo

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