Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Phinney: No Broken Bones; Cavendish: Throw Ferrari Out

Taylor Phinney underwent X-rays on his right foot early Tuesday at a hospital in Verona, Italy, following a scheduled flight from Denmark for the first of two rest days in the three-week race. BMC Racing Team Doctor Dario Spinelli said preliminary review of the X-rays with the hospital's overnight radiologist revealed no broken bones. "We'll take another look at his ankle later today and see how it's healing," Spinelli said. "It's definitely good that this happened before a rest day, since the transport and treatment process took so long. Taylor will enjoy a good night of sleep without the stress of having to get ready to race."

Meanwhile, Mark Cavendish wants Roberto Ferrari thrown out of the race tweeting, "Ouch! Crashing at 75kph isn't nice! Nor is seeing Roberto Ferrari's manoeuvre. Should be ashamed to take out Pink, Red & World Champ jerseys", and "Apparently Roberto Ferrari has said to journalists, when asked about the incident, that he can't see what happens behind him & doesn't care", and "Is the team of Roberto Ferrari or the UCI going to do the right thing? Other riders, including myself, have been sent home for much less"

Photo: Phinney's foot on the podium yesterday; Bettini photo
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