Tuesday, May 8, 2012

RCS Sport Launches “Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia”

RCS Sports, organizer of the Giro d'Italia and other major Italian races, announced today that it is returning to the world of gran fondo racing with two "Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia". The dates and locations will be: July 22, 2012, in Los Angeles-Pasadena, and November 11, 2012 in Miami-Coral Gables. The format will be a two-day event where "Italian style" will be featured in the Expo.

The organization of these events is a prelude to an international project that will see a strengthening commitment by RCS Sport to have a organizational presence in different countries with the aim of bringing the name of the Giro d'Italia all over the world, not only from a professional racing perspective but also for amateur enthusiasts.

In addition to this, next year one stage of Giro d’Italia will be choosen to become a "Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia” event. During the last stage of Giro d’Italia, in Milan, the project will be presented officially.

The new website for the Gran Fondo Giro d'Italia is www.gfgiro.com

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