Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fi’zi:k’s 2011 Limited Edition Team Replica Saddles

From Fi’zi:k, located in Pozzoleone:

Fi’zi:k’s 2011 Limited Edition Team Replica saddle and seat post ring kits will hit bike shops this month. The annual collection, now in its ninth year, offers three road model choices in varying colors to complement fi’zi:k’s Spine Concept fit system. New for 2011, the limited edition kits each come with two exclusive matching seat post height-marker rings (usually available only with fi’zi:k seat post purchase).

Fi’zi:k’s annual release of Team Replica Limited Edition saddles honors their pro road teams and gives fans the opportunity to ride like a pro. But in 2011, not even the pros have these collector’s edition seat post rings! The rings - serving a dual purpose by keeping dirt and dust out of the seat tube while also acting as a seat post height marker - come in two sizes: 1 ring for post sizes 27.2 and 1 ring for post sizes 30.9 and 31.6. Consumers desiring a specific Team Edition Kit are encouraged to visit a fi’zi:k dealer to reserve.

The 2011 Team Replica Limited Edition Saddle Kits will be offered in fi’zi:k’s three best selling road saddle models: the Arione, the Aliante, and the Antares representing respectively, the three ‘animal designations’ associated with Spine Concept: Snake, Bull, and Chameleon. Spine Concept is a fi’zi:k developed fit system that matches the saddle to the rider based on spine flexibility and riding style in the high performance position. The fit system is a guideline to help determine which fi’zi:k saddle shape will provide the most comfort and thus, improve performance.

Team Rabobank’s Arione CX with braided carbon rails (msrp: $215) is offered in chalk white with a glossy white stripe, fi’zi:k team issue logos and blue seat post rings. Team Garmin-Cervelo, with World Champion Snake in Thor Hushovd, is represented by a black Arione with glossy red stripe, k:ium rails (msrp: $185), fi’zi:k logos and black seat posts rings. Based on Spine Concept, the Arione is associated with the spineless snake. The cyclist with a flexible spine bends at the hips and moves forward and aft on the saddle depending on the terrain.

Chameleons like Dave Zabriskie and Mark Cavendish are ‘in between riders’ that often remain in the same position for extended periods, preferring the wider rear base on the Antares, but who also move around on the flat surface to adjust for comfort. Chameleons can choose between a white and apple green Team Liquigas-Cannondale Antares with braided carbon rails ($245), team issue logos, and apple green seat post rings; or the chalk white and glossy red Antares with k:ium rails ($215), team issue logos and red seat posts rings ridden by Team Cofidis.

Less flexible riders, Bulls like HTC-Highroad’s Tony Martin or BMC Racing Team’s George Hincapie, can choose between two team replica Aliante colors at two distinct price points. The Aliante-riding Bull is less flexible in the spine, makes one big pelvic adjustment when addressing the saddle, and tends to remain in the pocket whether climbing, descending or powering on the flats. Choose between the HTC-Highroad chalk white Aliante Gamma with glossy thigh glides (msrp $155), k:ium rails, black team issue logos, and white seat posts rings or BMC Racing Team’s black Aliante with glossy red thigh glides (msrp $215), k:ium rails, white team issue logos and red seat post rings.

For more information about Spine Concept, fi’zi:k’s high performance saddles, shoes and accessories, visit the website at

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