Monday, May 2, 2011

Wilier ZERO 7 to be Introduced

It appears that the Wilier 799 that we reported about back in March (see here) will be introduced as the ZERO 7 model. There is a countdown clock on indicating the unveiling will take place 16 days from now.

The ZERO 7 will be available with a new bottom bracket standard, the BB386EVO developed in conjunction with FSA.

Bike Rumor recently explained BB386EVO as such:

"Before you groan about another standard, let me explain it and, like me, you’ll probably click away thinking this is actually a really good idea. Here’s the deal, in convenient bullet point form:

-Current road BB shell width is 68mm.

-BB30 and PFBB30 systems have a 30mm spindle diameter and set the bearings inside the frame with the outer edge remaining at 68mm, so the crankset spindle is designed around a 68mm system.

-Standard systems use external bearing BB cups that push the edges to 86.5mm.

-GXP, Shimano standard and FSA MegaExo, etc., basically have crank arms designed around a 24mm spindle diameter and an 86.5mm spindle length since they require the external BB bearing cups.

-BB386EVO is designed with a 30mm OD spindle and an 86.5mm wide bottom bracket shell.

-Therefore, BB386EVO uses the larger 30mm spindle (lighter, stiffer) of the BB30/PF30 and the 86.5mm bearing width (wider, stiffer), giving it all of the benefits of each system with none of the drawbacks.

The result is an overall lighter, stiffer, stronger system that also allows for frame builders to make a lighter, stiffer and stronger frame. It’s a true win-win.

Plus, if you were to buy a frame with the new BB386EVO standard, you could retrofit any non-BB30 crankset to it because they’re all based on the same 86.5mm effective BB width. They’ll offer sleeves to downsize from 30mm to 24mm for the retrofit."

The Wilier 799, now to be ZERO 7, that was on display at the Taipei Bike Show in March:
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