Friday, May 6, 2011

Past Winners of the Giro d'Italia

Who will be next to add their name to the never ending trophy of the Giro d'Italia?

Notes: 1912 was the only year the race winner was a squad rather than an individual; the winner in 1924 was Giuseppe Enrici who may have been born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (read more here).

2010 BASSO Ivan Liquigas-Doimo
2009 MENCHOV Denis Rabobank
2008 CONTADOR Alberto Astana
2007 DI LUCA Danilo Liquigas
2006 BASSO Ivan Csc
2005 SAVOLDELLI Paolo Discovery Channel
2004 CUNEGO Damiano Saeco
2003 SIMONI Gilberto Saeco
2002 SAVOLDELLI Paolo Index-Alexia
2001 SIMONI Gilberto Lampre-Daikin
2000 GARZELLI Stefano Mercatone Uno Albacom
1999 GOTTI Ivan Team Polti
1998 PANTANI Marco Mercatone Uno-Bianchi
1997 GOTTI Ivan Saeco
1996 TONKOV Pavel Panaria-Vinavil
1995 ROMINGER Tony Mapei-Gb
1994 BERZIN Eugeni Gewiss-Ballan
1993 INDURAIN Miguel Banesto
1992 INDURAIN Miguel Banesto
1991 CHIOCCIOLI Franco Del Tongo M.G.
1990 BUGNO Gianni Chateau d'Ax
1989 FIGNON Laurent System U
1988 HAMPSTEN Andrew Seven Eleven Hoonved
1987 ROCHE Stephen Carrera
1986 VISENTINI Roberto Carrera
1985 HINAULT Bernard La Vie Claire-Look
1984 MOSER Francesco Gis Tuc-Lu
1983 SARONNI Giuseppe Del Tongo-Colnago
1982 HINAULT Bernard Renault-Elf-Gitane
1981 BATTAGLIN Giovanni Inoxpran
1980 HINAULT Bernard Renault-Gitane
1979 SARONNI Giuseppe Scic-Bottecchia
1978 DE MUYNCK Johan Bianchi-Faema
1977 POLLENTIER Michel Fiandria
1976 GIMONDI Felice Bianchi-Campagnolo
1975 BERTOGLIO Fausto Jollyceramica
1974 MERCKX Eddy Molteni
1973 MERCKX Eddy Molteni
1972 MERCKX Eddy Molteni
1971 PETTERSON Gösta Ferretti
1970 MERCKX Eddy Faemino
1969 GIMONDI Felice Salvarani
1968 MERCKX Eddy Faema
1967 GIMONDI Felice Salvarani
1966 MOTTA Gianni Molteni
1965 ADORNI Vittorio Salvarani
1964 ANQUETIL Jacques St. Raphael
1963 BALMAMION Franco Carpano
1962 BALMAMION Franco Carpano
1961 PAMBIANCO Arnaldo Fides
1960 ANQUETIL Jacques Fynsec
1959 GAUL Charly Emi-Guerra
1958 BALDINI Ercole Legnano
1957 NENCINI Gastone Chlorodont
1956 GAUL Charly Guerra
1955 MAGNI Fiorenzo Nivea-Fuchs
1954 CLERICI Carlo Guerra-Svizzera
1953 COPPI Fausto Bianchi
1952 COPPI Fausto Bianchi
1951 MAGNI Fiorenzo Ganna
1950 KOBLET Hugo Guerra-Svizzera
1949 COPPI Fausto Bianchi
1948 MAGNI Fiorenzo Wilier Triestina
1947 COPPI Fausto Bianchi
1946 BARTALI Gino Legnano
1940 COPPI Fausto Legnano
1939 VALETTI Giovanni Frejus
1938 VALETTI Giovanni Frejus
1937 BARTALI Gino Legnano
1936 BARTALI Gino Legnano
1935 BERGAMASCHI Vasco Maino
1934 GUERRA Learco Maino
1933 BINDA Alfredo Legnano
1932 PESENTI Antonio Wolsit
1931 CAMUSSO Francesco Gloria
1930 MARCHISIO Luigi Legnano
1929 BINDA Alfredo Legnano
1928 BINDA Alfredo Wolsit
1927 BINDA Alfredo Legnano
1926 BRUNERO Giovanni Legnano
1925 BINDA Alfredo Legnano
1924 ENRICI Giuseppe ---
1923 GIRARDENGO Costante Maino
1922 BRUNERO Giovanni Legnano
1921 BRUNERO Giovanni Legnano
1920 BELLONI Gaetano Bianchi
1919 GIRARDENGO Costante Stucchi
1914 CALZOLARI Alfonso Stucchi
1913 ORIANI Carlo Maino
1912 a squadre: ATALA Atala
1911 GALETTI Carlo Bianchi
1910 GALETTI Carlo Atala
1909 GANNA Luigi Atala

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  1. I'm surprised that the eagle of canavese, Franco Balmallion (1962, 1963) seems to have changed nationality. Itallian not American surely!!

  2. Tim: Good catch...that's the graphic the Gazzetta has...will advise them. Thanks.

  3. And Hinault's still French, I think.