Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fukushima 131

A unique bicycle up for auction online for the population struck by the tsunami.

The highly creative inspiration of artist Marco Chiurato, and the experience and technology offered by former cycling champion Giovanni Battaglin. Fukushima 131 is a truly unique bicycle resulting from a combination of the talents of two men from Marostica, both sharing the same desire to do something concrete but also symbolic for the people of Japan struck by the tsunami and the nuclear risk.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Euromobil firm, which backed this humanitarian cause by displaying the work at the 2011 Milan International Furniture Show and making it known, it will be possible to put the Fukushima 131 up for auction in order to raise funds for Japan. Apart from the financial contribution made possible, the purpose of this initiative is to keep public opinion well-aware of the consequences Japan is still suffering as a result of the environmental disaster, with particular reference to the children.

A description of the work:

The red circle at the bottom represents the Japanese flag but also, metaphorically, the devastated territory and the suffering of the people struck by the tsunami. The same red dot becomes visible on the frame of the bicycle, deformed by a superior force like that of Nature.

The bicycle also bears a number, and namely that of “iodine 131”, the radioactive threat overhanging the people of Japan. Which becomes a warning to all mankind.

Fukushima 131 does not bear any kind of logo, but only the signatures of Giovanni Battaglin and Marco Chiurato.

The proceeds from the sale of the bicycle will go to the Italian Red Cross "Pro emergenza Giappone".

Starting Bid: €20,000.00
, bid here.

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