Thursday, May 28, 2009


AbruzziAMO (loosely translated: I Love Abruzzo) is the campaign launched by Danilo Di Luca to assist families and displaced persons of the Abruzzo earthquake of April 6th. The earthquake killed nearly 300 people and drove some 50,000 from their homes.

Pink bracelets with "AbruzziAMO"are being sold for one euro all along the Giro route to raise funds. Lance Armstrong has donned a pink bracelet to go with his yellow Livestrong bracelet, and other riders are wearing them as well.

On the evening before the Block Haus stage a fundraising soccer event was held at the “Angelini” stadium in Chieti. It was journalists vs. riders, including Paolo Bettini (scoring 3 goals), Gianni Bugno, Francesco Moser, Franco Ballerini, Maurizio Fondriest and Michele Bartoli.

Photos: Di Luca with AbuzziAMO on helmet, the soccer match at Chieti

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