Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vittoria Cycling Shoes Contest

Vittoria is running a contest for their Thor Hushovd model cycling shoes. The contest requires predicting the podium finishers of the 100th Giro d'Italia. While the contest appears to be for Italians you might try to enter; I'm not sure what they will do about foreign entries. There are a few other prizes on tap as well. You can send this blog entry to your friends by clicking on the white envelope at the end of this entry.

Click on the "Vince con Vittoria" pink box

A new page will come up. Click on "Participa ora!"

"Altro" means other; if you select "Altro" enter name in the box. All fields must be completed. Other definitions: Nome=first name; Cognome=last name; Citta=city (enter ONLY city name), Telefono: phone number.

You must also check off the small box which has to do Italian privacy regulations regarding the use of the data you entered.

After the Giro we'll get back to "regular programming": everything from A to Z about Italian cycling. Stories, including cycling trip stories, for the Italian Cycling Journal welcome; contact veronaman@gmail.com.

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